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Buy Active Power Divider
4 way power splitter, which is a kind of device that divides one input signal energy into two or multiple outputs of equal or unequal energy, and can also combine multiple signal energy into one output in reverse, this can also be called combinator. A certain degree of isolation should be ensured between the output ports of a power divider. The power divider is usually divided into two parts (one input and two outputs), three parts (one input and three outputs) and so on according to the output. The main technical parameters of power divider include power loss (including insertion loss, distribution loss and reflection loss), voltage standing wave ratio of each port, isolation and amplitude balance between power distribution ports, phase balance, power capacity and band width, etc.
Frequency range
This is the working premise of all kinds of RF/microwave circuits, and the design structure of power divider is closely related to the working frequency. The following design can only be carried out if the operating frequency of the distributor is clearly defined first.
Bearing power
In the large power divider/synthesizer, the maximum power that the circuit element can bear is the core index, which determines what form of transmission line can be used to realize the design task. Generally speaking, the order of transmission line bearing power from small to large is micro-line, strip line, coaxial line, air strip line and air coaxial line, which line should be chosen according to the design task.
Distribution loss
It refers to the amount of signal power reduced compared with the original input signal after the ideal power distribution. This value is the theoretical value, for example, the second power score is 3dB, the third power score is 4.8dB, and the fourth power score is 6dB. (Due to the different impedance of the output end of the power divider, the distribution loss which is close to the theoretical value should be measured by using the network analyzer matching the port impedance)
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