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Magnetic Bearing Chiller Dual Compressor manufacturer
The magnetic levitation centrifugal chiller is an advanced air conditioning system. Its high energy efficiency, excellent load performance and long service life make it especially suitable for the replacement or modification of central air conditioning systems which need large cooling capacity.
1.Chiller COP up to 6.7 (GB working condition) Energy saving 鈮?0%
2.Chiller IPLV up to 11.6 (AHRI working condition)
3.Unit operating noise is less than 74dB (A)
4.R134a refrigerant ,environmentally friendly
5.High efficiency falling film evaporator
6.Completely oil-free design, more efficient
7.Using HanBell two-stage magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor
8.High-efficiency liquid-cooled VFD, small size and high efficiency
9.M-Smart intelligent control system, fast start/stop and restart
Suitable for places with large cooling capacity and high energy consumption, such as commercial public buildings, data centers, hotels, schools, hospitals, printing plants, factory workshops, power plants, fair transportation, stations, etc.Magnetic Bearing Chiller Dual Compressor manufacturer
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