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Corona killing Free Time
Hey everybody,

there hasn't been much action for almost 6 months now. I'd like to tell everybody why:
The Corona-Crisis almost completely destroyed my spare time.

I know this sounds odd, but the reason is the way my day-job works.
We are doing data migration projects. Basically, when a customer wants to switch from their Document Management System (DMS) to another DMS, they need someone to move all documents and their metadata from the old DMS to the new one. That's what we do.

That means, that there have to be people organizing and operating such data migration projects. Unfortunately those people on the customers side are normally doing these tasks on top of their regular work, and are therefore rarely speedy when it comes to answering questions. And we have got a lot of them.

So we are used to long waiting times, which we compensate by doing a lot of such projects. Currently over 50.

But since Corona started to have an impact on regular business, the project teams of our customers have much more time attending to these projects, and have raised the pace considerably.

Since February 2020 my free time has dropped to almost nothing, as every customer wants to be served first (of course). And to make it worse, some of these projects are pretty large in scale, like moving 15+TB of data. The largest is over 150TB in size. You get the idea.

Some very important projects have been attended to, and I hope that my situation will get better soon.


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