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elogind-v246.9 released
The new release v246.9 is out.

Read more here:

One important thing:
While the documentation of the extra functionality of loginctl and about how to configure it in logind.conf has been extended, those additions can only be read if there is either no non-englisch man pages installed, or if man is called with LC_ALL=C.
The reason for this is the man page translation project including man pages for both logind.conf and loginctl from systemd. And there is no way to distinguish between the two, sorry.


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Unfortunately a small mistake crept into the release and caused elogind to prefer logging to kmsg again. Please use the elogind v246.9.1 Service Release instead, which prefers logging to syslog.
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The last issue with the v246.9 Release has been fixed, so please use Version 246.9.2 from now on.
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