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makeSimplexTexture Version 0.9.0 released
Version 0.9.0 Release

This is not a major release, just a quick adaption to add support for the pwxLib-0.9.0 include layout and renaming.
For a 1.0.0 release all problems in must be fixed.

  • Fix Code::Blocks project file
  • Adapt to the new (and hopefully final) pwxLib Includes layout

There are still many problems, but I hope it'll be slightly useful for someone. The problems come from SFML having changed a lot in the past few years. I need time to fully adapt to these changes.

Unless someone signals me that they need this tool back in shape urgently, it has no high priority on my list, sorry.

You can get it either at Yamakuzure/makeSimplexTexture@GitHub or through my Gentoo Overlay "seden", available via Layman.
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