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What distros currently are supporting elogind?
Not really sure where to post, but figured this might be fun. I finally got elogind into BLFS development ( Obviously, it's more than just the one package, and there are some minor wrinkles yet for a couple of downstream packages (a service file installed here or there), but nothing that affects function. It will appear in the BLFS 9.0 SysV release in September. Really wasn't too much to it in the grand scheme of things. Once I got elogind and Xorg and wayland playing nicely together, Gnome, Plasma, and LXDE environments all just fell into place, no muss, no fuss. I've still got to do XFCE, and finally rid myself of consolekit, but don't anticipate much in the way of issues there. My second build, by my edits to the book, has been rock solid with Gnome and was promoted to my daily driver. As an aside, we are a very small team and elogind just made the merge of SysV and Systemd books (same docbook source) now pretty much effortless for the devs who only work on one or the other. Thanks for this!
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Well, I know from Alpine, Gentoo and Void.

Here is a list of all the packages in Gentoo with an elogind USE flag:
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