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Thread tagging rules
Forum: Packages that lack elogind support
Last Post: Yamakuzure
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  elogind-v246.9 released
Posted by: Yamakuzure - 2020-12-2017:13 - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)

The new release v246.9 is out.

Read more here: https://prydeworx.com/2020/elogind-v246-9-released/

One important thing:
While the documentation of the extra functionality of loginctl and about how to configure it in logind.conf has been extended, those additions can only be read if there is either no non-englisch man pages installed, or if man is called with LC_ALL=C.
The reason for this is the man page translation project including man pages for both logind.conf and loginctl from systemd. And there is no way to distinguish between the two, sorry.



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  [Solved] Elogind only registers org.freedesktop.login1 on login
Posted by: Håkon Flatval - 2020-08-2412:41 - Forum: Gentoo Linux intgration - Replies (1)


I am using SDDM on Gentoo with OpenRC and elogind. It works fine, except that buttons for e.g. shutdown and reboot only works after restarting SDDM once.

I have found that the issue arises because elogind only registers the dbus service org.freedesktop.login1 when a user first logs in, i.e. it does not register the service on system startup.

My initial question is: Is this behavior expected? That is, is elogind supposed to register the service only when a user logs in, and not at system boot?

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  Corona killing Free Time
Posted by: Yamakuzure - 2020-08-0919:00 - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hey everybody,

there hasn't been much action for almost 6 months now. I'd like to tell everybody why:
The Corona-Crisis almost completely destroyed my spare time.

I know this sounds odd, but the reason is the way my day-job works.
We are doing data migration projects. Basically, when a customer wants to switch from their Document Management System (DMS) to another DMS, they need someone to move all documents and their metadata from the old DMS to the new one. That's what we do.

That means, that there have to be people organizing and operating such data migration projects. Unfortunately those people on the customers side are normally doing these tasks on top of their regular work, and are therefore rarely speedy when it comes to answering questions. And we have got a lot of them.

So we are used to long waiting times, which we compensate by doing a lot of such projects. Currently over 50.

But since Corona started to have an impact on regular business, the project teams of our customers have much more time attending to these projects, and have raised the pace considerably.

Since February 2020 my free time has dropped to almost nothing, as every customer wants to be served first (of course). And to make it worse, some of these projects are pretty large in scale, like moving 15+TB of data. The largest is over 150TB in size. You get the idea.

Some very important projects have been attended to, and I hope that my situation will get better soon.



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  elogind-v243.7 released
Posted by: Yamakuzure - 2020-02-2021:49 - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

The new release v243.7 is out.

Read more here: https://prydeworx.com/2020/elogind-serie...published/

One warning though: Do not update glibc to version 2.31! It will render elogind dysfunctional (#155) and seems to put systemd installs into dismay, too. (https://bbs.archlinux32.org/viewtopic.php?id=2888)

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  makeSimplexTexture Version 0.9.0 released
Posted by: Yamakuzure - 2019-09-2608:24 - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Version 0.9.0 Release

This is not a major release, just a quick adaption to add support for the pwxLib-0.9.0 include layout and renaming.
For a 1.0.0 release all problems in TODO.md must be fixed.


  • Fix Code::Blocks project file
  • Adapt to the new (and hopefully final) pwxLib Includes layout

There are still many problems, but I hope it'll be slightly useful for someone. The problems come from SFML having changed a lot in the past few years. I need time to fully adapt to these changes.

Unless someone signals me that they need this tool back in shape urgently, it has no high priority on my list, sorry.

You can get it either at Yamakuzure/makeSimplexTexture@GitHub or through my Gentoo Overlay "seden", available via Layman.

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  getRandomName Version 1.0.0 released
Posted by: Yamakuzure - 2019-09-2608:19 - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Version 1.0.0 Release

As the pwxLib API is now considered to have reached its final form, this first tool using it gets its 1.0.0 Release.


  • Fixed root level text files
  • Set up proper Code::Blocks build environment
  • Update to new pwxLib API

You can get it either at Yamakuzure/getRandomName@GitHub or through my Gentoo Overlay "seden", available via Layman.

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  pwxLib Version 0.9.0 Release
Posted by: Yamakuzure - 2019-09-2111:39 - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Version 0.9.0 Release - 2019-09-21
This is a major overhaul with many fixes and changes!
Note: The automatic micro-locking is (intentionally) overdoing right now, but this will be fixed for the next release.

Changes and additions

  • The API has been completely overhauled and should now have reached its final form. From here on the API may be extended, but changes shall be rare and removals non-existent.
  • The stupid pwx_ prefixes for header names are gone. Instead, generalized <PFoo> headers have been added, inspired by the <QFoo> headers of Qt. (some minor headers still have a pwx_ prefix to not clash with other headers, like <basic/pwx_debug.h> for example.)
  • Thread safety has been greatly improved, and gcc-9.2.0 ThreadSanitizer does not find anything any more in test_lib.
  • The API documentation, although not fully complete, yet, has been overhauled and fixed.
  • The library now has a Travis account and a .travis.yml file for automatic building on push.
  • test_lib now also tests the automatic growing of TOpenHash.
  • TOpenHash and TChainHash are now properly described.
  • Removed the artificial limit for insertions of 1000000 elements from VTHashBase.
  • Most tool macros now support, some even enforce, to be ended with a semicolon.
  • Container and element destructors now wait until no other thread is waiting for a lock, before finalizing the dtor.
  • The hash table in VTHashBase is now private and the accessors take care that nobody wreaks havoc.

  • Fixed a possible access error in THashElement.
  • Fixed several possible access errors in VTHashBase.
  • Found and fixed a memory leak due to a typo in VTHashBase->clear().
  • The trace information eventually works correct.
  • Fixed an error in CThreadElementStore where an atomic store used loading memory order.

You can get the latest version at Yamakuzure/pwxlib@GitHub or via my Gentoo Overlay "seden", available via Layman.

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  What distros currently are supporting elogind?
Posted by: djlucas - 2019-07-0302:48 - Forum: General Chat - Replies (1)

Not really sure where to post, but figured this might be fun. I finally got elogind into BLFS development (http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/vie...ogind.html). Obviously, it's more than just the one package, and there are some minor wrinkles yet for a couple of downstream packages (a service file installed here or there), but nothing that affects function. It will appear in the BLFS 9.0 SysV release in September. Really wasn't too much to it in the grand scheme of things. Once I got elogind and Xorg and wayland playing nicely together, Gnome, Plasma, and LXDE environments all just fell into place, no muss, no fuss. I've still got to do XFCE, and finally rid myself of consolekit, but don't anticipate much in the way of issues there. My second build, by my edits to the book, has been rock solid with Gnome and was promoted to my daily driver. As an aside, we are a very small team and elogind just made the merge of SysV and Systemd books (same docbook source) now pretty much effortless for the devs who only work on one or the other. Thanks for this!

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  [upstream] PulseAudio
Posted by: Yamakuzure - 2019-04-1617:49 - Forum: Packages that lack elogind support - No Replies

The corresponding merge request and discussion can be found here:


Personally I think it is nice that elogind support is MR Nr. 1!  Big Grin

However, it seems that the MR has to be updated to get accepted.

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  Thread tagging rules
Posted by: Yamakuzure - 2019-04-1616:46 - Forum: Packages that lack elogind support - No Replies

All threads shall be tagged for easier recognition of the individual status of the software:


It is currently unclear whether elogind is supported
No elogind support as far as we know
[in progress]
We are trying to add elogind support
Patches adding elogind support have been proposed upstream
The current elogind support does not work 100% correct
elogind support is 100% complete

Please prefix thread subjects with the appropriate tag.

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