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[Solved] Elogind only registers org.freedesktop.login1 on login

I am using SDDM on Gentoo with OpenRC and elogind. It works fine, except that buttons for e.g. shutdown and reboot only works after restarting SDDM once.

I have found that the issue arises because elogind only registers the dbus service org.freedesktop.login1 when a user first logs in, i.e. it does not register the service on system startup.

My initial question is: Is this behavior expected? That is, is elogind supposed to register the service only when a user logs in, and not at system boot?
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The problem was simply that elogind did not start at boot, but at user login. elogind must be configured to start up at boot time explicitly by the user, which is also mentioned in the Wiki page for elogind.

The morale is, as is stupidly often the case, READ THE DOCS.
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